How Drivers Are Saving Money Following One Simple Rule

(2018 - New policies proves drivers have likely overpaid on car insurance coverage for years. Can this be the end of overprice insurance rates?

Wednesday Apr 18, 2018

Here is the simple truth your car insurance company doesn’t want you finding out: If you are currently insured, drive less than 50 miles/day, and live in a qualified zip code you could get an extremely high discount on your monthly car insurance rate.

Additionally, if you’ve never had a DUI, you can get even more discounts. But do you think your auto insurance company will tell you that?

Our research indicates that many people are misled by their insurance providers into thinking that they are paying a fair rate when in fact they could save much more every month.

When drivers visit™ and enter their zip code, they can view all the best rates in their area and the results can be pretty shocking. In fact, some customers saved over 50% on their monthly car insurance rates and many say they were even eligible for rates as low as $13/week.

Some drivers were so surprised they actually questioned if the rates were real. When we heard about these claims, we decided to investigate it for ourselves.

Our in house financial expert Andy Delgado set out to test several of these insurance comparison services. After a few days of research what he found was very exciting. Andy discovered that not only were these claims true, he was surprised to find out he actually saved over $1200 per year using this free service when compared to the insurance carrier he was loyal to. That’s a 64% savings over his current policy! Andy also found that many other drivers are indeed able to save similar amounts.

So, what is this “One Simple Rule?” everyone needs to know?

NEVER buy insurance without comparing all of the discounts available to you through an unbiased third-party source like™.

Are you being overcharged by your insurance company? You may never know unless you compare rates. Fortunately, smart drivers have discovered how to drastically cut their insurance bills using robust online comparison tools to get unbiased quotes.

You are not locked into your current policy. Even if you pre-paid for your current policy you may be able to cancel it and get back the balance of your pre-paid amount.

Our research concluded that™ is one of the most trusted services and effective tools to provide drivers with the lowest insurance rates. Many drivers average savings are up to 50%, so it’s no wonder services like these are growing so rapidly.

We thank™ for providing such an amazing service in an effort to save money for hard working families across America.

Take a few seconds and enter your zip code to gain access to the system and enjoy the benefits of this amazing tool. There’s no obligation and the results are absolutely free!

***Tip – You will have the opportunity to see the best carrier quotes available based on a few questions you answer.”  

Follow These Steps to Save Money with

  1. Simply check your ZIP code below.
  2. After you enter your ZIP code and some driver information, you can view all of your quotes from top-rated car insurance companies and agents local to you.
  3. Put money back into your pocket!
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